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Choose The Lifelite For Your Fleet


Lights available for delivery courier vehicles, enhancing road visibility for a safer, smoother journey experience to and from destinations.


For heavy goods transportation, making HGV drivers more visible on roads and motorways and reducing the risk of collisions.

Public Transport

Ideal for any public transport, ensuring enhanced road safety and security for pedestrians in town centers and busy public areas.


Suitable for working environment vehicles, creating greater noticeable visibility in a hectic industrial place for workers.

Transport for London calculated that a cyclist is 78 times more likely to be killed in an accident involving a HGV than one involving a car.

In stark contrast, the collective number of trucks, vans and buses is significantly outweighed by the number of cars on our roads, meaning that there is clearly an increased risk for cyclists when sharing road space with larger vehicles. LifeLite is designed to reduce these accidents while helping you achieve FORS gold.

Despite responsible fleet operators adding new technologies to their vehicles, helping drivers be more aware of what surrounds them, the trend continues to rise. Most commonly, cycle strikes are caused when large vehicles make a left turn. In this instance, the drivers are unaware that a cyclist has pulled alongside, and the cyclist cannot see the indicator lights, signaling the driver’s intentions.

Lifelite is a solution to that problem. Making our roads safer not only for cyclists but for everybody. By simply making it easier to read a vehicles intensions you significantly reduce the chance of an accident. Lifelite can be fit to all cars, public transport, construction and HGV’s vehicles.

Lifelite is all about promoting the best practice for goods vehicles and fleet operators. The device is simple yet extremely effective.

The patented Lifelite design comprises of LED strip-lighting housed in a transparent protective casing that, when attached to the side/rear of a vehicle allows the activation of the vehicles indicator light to be extended along the length of the vehicle, this has the benefit of both alerting any other road user to the danger of the manoeuvring vehicle and illuminating the road user, reducing blind spot risk.

Keeping our roads safe is everyone’s responsibility!

Commercial road users have invested time and money in establishing a solution to the risks encountered when we share our roads, but road safety isn’t the responsibility of a single party – everyone sharing the road has a duty to be safe and be seen.

fors gold

Lifelite was purposely developed to comply with the requirements of FORS Gold accreditation, promoting the best practice for goods vehicles and fleet operators

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